Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The best cities to live on earth

According to the Mercer report 2010 on quality of living Vienna was ranked 1st again. I have been living in Vienna for almost 9 years now, and even though I do miss the countryside and living in the suburbs of Linz, I would not want to live anywhere else right now.

This is what I love about Vienna:
  • the subway (we have five subway lines and loads of tram and bus lines on top of it)
  • the internationality - walking around Vienna you can hear so many different languages
  • Artis International - we actually have an English cinema (two to be exact) - no need to watch horribly dubbed movies
  • the Vienna old-style buildings (so beautiful)
  • how green it is
  • the (green) Prater - my down-town "forest" for running and nordic-walking
  • the roof-top terraces (we still find new ones when we go for walks)
  • the "walkability" - my word creation for the night - I love going for walks in Vienna, sometimes I get off early from the subway and walk a few stops to experience new parts of Vienna
  • the zoo :-)
Here are a few impressions of Vienna:

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