Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Galactorrhea - round 2

Oh yes, I did it again. After starting to lactate in April as a side effect of Domperidone, I stopped taking it completely for three months. It actually took three months for the discharge to completely stop. Then came July and with July came the heat and with the heat worsened my gp. And of course I fell back on the Domperidone, thinking that if I only took it every once in a while, this would not happen again.

That's what I thought. But obviously I have started to rely on Domperidone too much again, have been taking it more regularly again, and bang, once again, I started to lactate.

So I am off the Domperidone again, for good this time. Makes me sad, as it really worked for me.

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Natiebar said...

That's no fun. Are there no other Domperidone comparable drugs? Domperidone didn't work for me, nor did Reglan or Erythromycin - so I stopped trying to find something. Is it just for the nausea? Have you considered investigating gastric neurostimulators? If mine does anything for me - it controls nausea. Makes it so I only need a zofran every few nights.