Thursday, August 19, 2010

I am starting to get nervous!

Today is Thursday, a week from tomorrow my two-day-wedding adventure begins. On Friday we have our civil service wedding with only both our immediate families present (parents, siblings and their partners), Manu's best man plus wife - if she can get over her morning (all day long) sickness by then and my maid of honor plus boyfriend and the twins.

My mind is buzzing with things I still have to prepare, buy, not forget.... It's definitely time to dig out the valerian root capsules that I had used in the weeks before my diploma exam.

At the moment I am sitting at the hairdresser's getting my hair cut and colored in preparation for my big day. Tomorrow we have a private dance lesson with our dance instructor to touch up our dancing skills. Manu's stag night is on Saturday, and I am really hoping he won't be completely drunk when he comes home. I on the other hand will spend the weekend cleaning the apartment in preparation of the arrival of my Canadian friends. And of course getting everything finished for the reception. I still have to finish the menues, get some more deco for the table ready....

I really hope I won't forget anything. And yes, I have thousand lists already, but still I worry....

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