Sunday, August 8, 2010

A year old already

On Friday my best friend's twins turned one year old. They were born 8 weeks early and even though they had to spend the first few weeks in NICU they have been thriving every since. They are the cutest boys, and I have really enjoyed watching them grow in the past year. And of course, Simon, is my godson, something I am really proud of.

Yesterday, we attented the twins' 1st birthday party - a barbecue. It rained almost the entire time, but Donata had put up a party tent, and so we were at least dry, albeit a bit chilly.

M took a ton of photos - here are a few impressions from the party.



 Simon's birthday cake

 Unwrapping presents

Laurenz's birthday cake

 Love that eyebrow!

Laurenz gets his presents

Simon likes our present (I refused to buy a plastic toy)

The only downside of the barbecue was that I, of course, could not withstand tasting some of the barbecue chicken. Also, I didn't feel like attracting anyone's attention by not eating meat. I honestly did not have a lot of the chicken - just a taste, still got sick, had to take meds, and felt bad all night. Will I ever learn? I hope....

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