Monday, September 27, 2010


For some reason last week's events have hit me hard. Finding out that my GI doc does not think that a j-tube is such a good option, hit me really hard. At the same time it made me realize how bad things have gotten that we were really starting to consider a j-tube. I know that j-tube feeding comes with a whole set of problems itself, but do I really have less problems feeding through my g-tube?

I spent the weekend being really sad. What made me sad?
  • the thought of tubefeeding maybe for the rest of my life
  • the thought of maybe never being able to eat non-pureed chicken again
  • the thought of having to fight to maintain my weight
  • the thought that things might even get worse
I am usually a very positive and upbeat person, but I allowed myself to grieve this weekend. And to be honest I am still not done grieving.

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