Tuesday, September 7, 2010

More wedding stories

Someone commented on how I had written about it raining in the morning hours and then the sky seamed to even be a bit blue when we walked out of the church :-).

That's exactly how it was. It was still a bit overcast when the ceremony began. The ceremony was coming to an end when someone from the church had already opened the church doors, and the priest actually said Petrus had given us a very special wedding present, as the sun was now shining. And it really was! It still wasn't too warm though which actually made me really happy - now that you have seen my wedding dress you can imagine how very hot it was underneath all that fabric!

After a million hugs and congratulations and kisses from everyone we sent most of the guests through the park to the hotel to have an appetizer while we went to have group photos done with our families and some very special guests.... - and then of course we had some photos of just the two of us.

At about 6.15 PM we asked everyone into the restaurant of the hotel - very beautiful with big sliding glass doors overlooking the lovely, very wild park of the hotel. M and I held a speech and then the buffet was opened!

M and I had come up with most of the foods that were being served at the buffet, and I must say we did a very good job. I was able to eat some of the foods too, and it felt very nice to be able to eat at least some parts of what everone else was eating and to not stand out that much. My corsage was so tight though that I was not able to eat lots and started to have GP symptoms right away. Had to ask my Mum to loosen my corsage afterwards so I wouldn't feel as sick.

M and I deserted our table very soon and just walked around and talked with everyone and had a really good time. People were actually commenting on how relaxed I seemed. Not only did I seem that way, I really was relaxed! For some reason I didn't worry about any of my guests (if they had fun, felt comfortable, liked the food etc.) - no - all I wanted to have was a good time myself and that's what I did. I danced for hours - knowing that I could dance anyway I wanted because I was the bride :-).

There was this little girl - a three-year-old - who, as I was told later on, still believed in princesses, and she thought I was a princess and therefore came running up to me all the time, wanting to dance with me and wanted to be held.

The girl in the red dress is Emilie who believed I was a princess
and I am listening to her father telling me all about it.
The little girl in the white dress is Maria - she is my half sister.

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