Sunday, September 5, 2010

A recap of the past week - Saturday 28th of August - WEDDING DAY!

The big day!!!

I hardly slept from Friday until Saturday with all the excitement going on. When I got up to have breakfast I felt very disorganized, not knowing where to start with everything. Don't ask me how many lists I wrote trying not to forget everything I was going to need. Packed my suitcase for M to take to the hotel with him - we had planned to stay the night there after the reception. Washed my hair again and blow-dried it really curly. Sent M off with his best man - with my suitcase, the box for the church (with the wedding candle etc.), 72 (wedding) muffins (homemade), and a heart-shaped wedding cake I baked with ingredients I could eat too. Even though I wasn't hungry at all I made myself eat some cream of rice with a banana (my favorite GP-friendly meal) for lunch and forced it down, knowing that I would really need the energy.

In the morning hours it had still rained, and I was having a bit of a hard time trying not to worry about the weather. I called my Stepdad who was going to pick me up, if I had a giant umbrella for me. He said: "I don't have an umbrella, but I have something even better. I have ordered the rain to be switched off in the afternoon." :-) That made me laugh and actually relax about the weather.

At 1 PM the stylist came to do my make-up and put the veil into my hair and transform me into a bride! Afterwards Arish and Nora helped me get dressed - what an adventure with a crinoline and a corsage :-), while at the same time they tried to get ready as well. My Stepdad came at 3 PM, telling me that he had just been stuck in the worst traffic jam ever on the highway, and we had to drive through town, which would take us longer. We left immediately with Arish, Nora, and James driving behind us in my car. We had really heavy traffic through town as well, but we still managed to arrive in time. Actually, my Stepdad and I didn't drive to the church right away, as I wanted to wait for everyone to be seated, before I made my big entrance!

And then my brother called telling us that he was stuck in traffic too. Therefore, when the best man called me to tell me that everyone was seated, and my Stepdad could drive me to the church, I actually had to tell him that two people were still missing - my brother and his girlfriend!
M told me later that the suspense at the church was quite high - everyone thought that they were waiting for the bride to arrive, when in fact the bride was just around the corner waiting for her brother to finally get there.

The ceremony itself was simply magical. My Stepdad handed me over to my Dad, who in turn walked me down the aisle and handed me over to M. I already started to cry when I walked down the aisle - seeing all my friends and loved ones looking at me and silently cheering me on, made me very emotional and made me remember once again how far I have come and how much I have overcome to get to where I am now.

Pictures really do say more than words - so here is a link to an online photo album of our wedding ceremony on PICASA - I am sure you will be able to see the magic that we felt!

Just click on the album to open it - and then you can select slideshow in the left hand corner of the menu bar.


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