Friday, September 3, 2010

A recap of the past week - Thursday 26th of August

On Thursday we all had breakfast together and talked and laughed some more. Afterwards I was off to get my eye brows done for the wedding, then we did some grocery shopping, took Arish to get her nails done, had lunch together again (I have not had so many meals actually sitting at the dining room table in a long time). The more I watched James eating his food, the more I understood how important a feeding chair is when it comes to feeding a one-year-old.

In the afternoon I took the girls and little James downtown for some sightseeing.

Nora and I (had to hook up my feedings)

Had dinner together again - it seems all I write about is us eating :-) - and some really nice conversations with Nora. God, how much I missed being able to talk to her.

It felt so normal to me to have everyone over at our place and share so little space. I guess with them having been my careworkers and spend so much time with me doing day-to-day stuff like cooking, eating, cleaning,.... it really felt like old times.

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