Thursday, September 2, 2010

A recap of the past week - Tuesday 24th of August

After spending my the past couple days all day in class (I finally started my clinical psychology course on Wednesday - first 16 hours of 170 hours done ...), I finally have time to blog about everything that has been going on.

So this is the past week in a recap:

Tuesday - 24th of August:
In the morning I went to the outpatient clinic at our university hospital to get my albumine, ferritin, and vitamin D levels checked. It was exactly a month after I had started the semi-elemental formula in an attempt to reverse my hypoalbuminemia  and I had already received all my prescribed iron infusions.
After I had my blood taken, I originally wanted to do some shopping and get myself a new backpack to make a new tube feeding backpack, as it had been decided that I should start daytime tube feedings too, and I hated my ugly big yellow tube feeding backpack. For some reason I felt really dizzy after I had my blood taken, something that usually doesn't happen to me, and so I called my brother who lives downtown Vienna if I could come by his place (he is studying for an exam right now) and have a little lie-down. So that's what I did, relaxed on his couch, had some green tea, and was up to do some shopping an hour later.
Tuesday was the day that Arish was going to fly in to Vienna, and I was really looking forward to keeping myself distracted by adapting my new feeding backpack all afternoon. I picked out a really fancy new backpack, and I think it looks really good. I sewed for four hours, and this is the result:

You can hardly see the tubing - can you detect it? :-)

At five PM my dietician called to tell me that she had had a peak at my blood tests and that she had a very special wedding present for me. My albumin levels had gone up and were in fact low normal now. This means that the semi-elemental tube feed is working really well for me and this is what I have to stick with from now on. My hands and feet are looking a lot better too - less edema :-) - came with the low albumin levels....
We talked about how this means that I had to stay on the semi-elemental tube feeding formula, and we also talked about how this means that I will have to start tube-feeding during the day, as I can't tolerate that much volume during the night and was also lacking energy during the day. We talked about my insecurities when it comes to tube-feeding in public. I mean I was used to doing it when I was on continuous tube feeds last year, but back then I had my NG-tube so it was really obvious for everyone anyways. We talked about how tube feeding for me is the most normal thing in the world and how I should just treat it as if it was the most normal thing in the world. 
So that's what I have been doing - every day since last Tuesday. Arish's plane was very late - in fact - it was two hours late and didn't arrive until 10 PM that night. I was so very excited to see her and was so happy when the time finally came for me to drive out to the airport. I took my fancy new tube feeding backpack with me and hooked up at the airport in front of EVERYONE!!! I didn't even go to the bathroom (was so afraid to miss Arish walking out through security). My biggest worry was that I wouldn't recognize her. I am really bad with faces and even though I had seen her pics on facebook and she hasn't really changed all that much, I was really worried. So there I was waiting for her with my heart pounding and a little breathless and of course I recognized her right away when she walked through that security gate!!!! I cannot put in words how happy I felt that very moment. M and I had made some dinner for her (as she was supposed to arrive way earlier), so I got her checked into her hotel and then took her back to our place for some dinner, a tea, and lots of chatting. I ended up giving her the wrong directions to her hotel for her walk back, felt very bad about that the next morning, but she found her way anyway :-). I didn't go to bed until 1 AM and had lots of wild dreams with Arish mixed in....

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