Friday, September 3, 2010

A recap of the past week - Wednesday 25th of August

On Wednesday Arish, M, and I all had breakfast together and then set off for downtown to do some serious sightseeing. The weather was really lovely, and we walked for two hours in the morning, came back home for some lunch and walked for three more hours in the afternoon.
The only slightly stressful thing was that I had obviously had hurt my foot the Friday before during our private dance lesson (for the wedding), and the walking aggrevated it and in fact my foot was really swollen and very painful, and I started to get worried about being in pain for my wedding on Saturday.
Arish and I had some very good conversations and it felt as if no time had passed since the last time we had seen each other. 

Nora and James were supposed to arrive at 6.35 PM, and I got M to drive me to the airport. I arrived in time, but of course had to wait for them to get through security as well. It was planned that Nora, James, and I took the train and subway back to our place from the airport, as I had no car-seat for little James. Nora and I had never even talked about a car seat. We did talk about me being able to borrow a traveling crib and a feeding chair from our upstairs neighbour.

Anyway, long story short, here I was again at the airport, feeling a bit of a deja-vu with just having been there 22 hours earlier, with the same nervous excitement in my stomach and pounding of my heart :-). I was so excited to see Nora and James finally walk through security :-). And I couldn't believe my eyes when I realized she had brought her car seat all the way from Kingston. So here we were - with a suitcase, a backpack, a car-seat, a tired baby in a stroller - there was no way I wanted to make us go home on the train now, especially knowing that with the car we would be home so much quicker. So I called M - he had just arrived back home from the airport - and of course M being the amazing man that he is hopped into the car again and drove back to pick us up at the airport. Well, if you remember, we have a tiny car, a very tiny car actually and after we had put the stroller in the trunk, James plus car seat and the suitcase in the back, Nora in the passenger seat it was determined there was no way that both of us would fit in the car. And yes, my amazing husband, let me drive Nora and James back home and he took the train back!

It was so nice to have dinner with Nora, James, Arish, and M. And of course I ended up going to bed really late again - so much to chat about with Nora!

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