Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Why is your tube in your stomach?

Saw my ob-gyn today for my womanly check-up and to tell her about what has been going on, so she can be prepared for when the time finally comes to talk about starting a family (sometime next fall).

We talked a bit, and I gave her my GI doc's last letter that pretty much sums up everything to read while I got undressed. Then she walked into the examination room, looked at me (and my feeding tube) and asked: "Where does your feeding tube go?"
Now she had no idea that this has been the hot topic of the week/months.
"To my stomach.", I said.
"If you have gastroparesis, why does your feeding tube go to your stomach and not into your jejunum?"
"Well," I said "that's what I am asking myself too."

Turns out that she is very worried with the current set-up and our pregnancy plans. She says that with my high energy needs she does not want me to go into a pregnancy without knowing if I will be able to feed myself enough through my stomach. She definitely favors a gj-tube, so we always have the possibility to feed into my jejunum.

I am with her, of course, I have such a hard time meeting my energy needs at the moment :-(, I have no idea how I'll do once I am pregnant.

She does want to talk to my GI doc in the spring time (well before we will start getting pregnant), so everything is all worked out and really ready to go for that adventure.

Why is my GI doc being so stubborn about it?

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