Thursday, October 28, 2010

All is good after a long day and a short night

M and I drove back to Lissabon yesterday morning, arrived there at 3 PM, got checked in and waited for another couple of hours until we were finally able to board our plane. We had flown down to Lissabon with TAP and it had been really, really narrow. What a difference it made being on a Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt yesterday. So much more space! We were behind schedule when we left Lissabon, and I really worried that we would have problems catching our connecting flight to Vienna. (That was one of my tube worries, that I would miss my flight, the next one would be in the morning and then I would be late for my tube change in Graz...) We did have to hurry through the terminal, but we ended up easily catching the flight. Back in Vienna we missed the cheaper S-train, had to wait 20 minutes for the fancy CAT (city airport train), then wait again for the subway and make our way home through the cold after having just flown back from summer....

The cats were well and really needy, and somehow we didn't end up sleeping until 1.30 AM. At 5.30 I stopped feeding, had the (not so) brilliant idea of letting the cats into the bedroom and therefore our sleep was very interrupted until we finally had to get up at 7 AM. Got everything ready for my tube adventure and set off for Graz at 8.45. M dropped me off at the clinic at just after 11, got myself checked in, had blood taken and was just getting myself settled in when my gi doc walked into the door. Usually I don't see him until I am down in the endoscopy unit. And the funny thing was that it turned out that he had been in Barcelona on a congress and had missed his connecting flight in Frankfurt to Graz and didn't return until this morning... :-).

The tube change itself was kind of horrible, as I woke up in the middle of it, and I apparently fought everyone very hard and needed more meds to stay asleep. With so many meds on board I needed a bed transport, and the really funny thing was that already in the endoscopy unit I only spoke English (remember - I am in a strictly German speaking hospital) to everyone. It kind of freaked out the nurses and they were happy that back upstairs my husband was waiting for me and able to translate for me. It took a while before I finally started to switch back into German. English, after all, is my "comfort language" - no wonder I only wanted to speak English after such a uncomfortable experience.

My gi doc is very happy that Dr. T. has agreed to change out my tubes in interventional radiology, as he said it was getting harder everytime to keep me under.

I have j-tube feeding since 3 PM now - 9 hours. I am up to 40 ml/h. So far everything is going well. I was even able to eat a bit on the orally, and I did not feel sick because I only had to eat really small portions!!!!

More tomorrow....

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