Wednesday, October 6, 2010

J-(tube)-talking continues

After I got such a negative response from my GI doc on the j-tube question, I tried to not dwell on it and improve my situation in other ways. Of course, things continued to not be easy for me. When I saw my Ob-Gyn last week and she asked me why my tube is in my stomach, I could not let go of the j-tube that easily this time around. The past few days have been really difficult again emptyingwise. Not being able to eat enough orally, not being able to compensate with tube feeds.

I have now stopped all sports activity, so I won't need extra energy.
Yesterday, I decided to action again. My OB-Gyn wanted to have my latest blood test results via e-mail. So I asked her if she maybe could talk to my GI doc now - instead of waiting until next spring (that's when she wanted to talk to him in preparation for a pregnancy. I told her that my dietician is all in favor for it too. I sent this e-mail cc to my dietitian as well.

When I got up this morning, I already had a reply from my dietician in my inbox, telling me that it was not necessary to ask my OB-Gyn to talk to my GI doc, she could easily convince him too....
What???? She never told me that....

Anyway, I got to talk to her this afternoon. Until I find out how I can order one of those cool Mic-key GJ- or J-buttons, I will have to make due with a regular GJ-tube. This means at least two endoscopic procedures - one to place a regular PEG-tube and advance a J-tube through it - enabling me to have gastric and jejunal access (here in Austria we don't call it GJ-tube - we call it JET-PEG, and I rather like that name - sounds fun somehow...), and a second one to hopefully replace the JET-PEG with a GJ- or transgastric J-button.

My dietician thinks that my GI doc just is too busy to organize everything and therefore was hesitant to place it.

So she sent him an e-mail this time, asking to trial a GJ-tube with me and also told him that we would organize the necessary tubes....

Please, keep your fingers crossed that this will work out for me, and that my GI doc will come round on that issue.

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