Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Malabsorption continues

I had my blood levels checked again on Monday. My iron and ferritin levels are good, but noticeably lower than only 7 weeks ago. I was told that I might not need iron infusions regularly, but if it continues to drop like this, I'll be requiring IV iron again in four to six months.

Additionally, my vitamin D level is below normal again. It was really good after supplementing with oral vitamin D, but I stopped supplementing after I had reached normal levels at the end of August. Actually, my levels were really good then. It is kind of scary to know that I am vitamin D deficient again only 7 weeks later. Especially when you think that statistically vitamin D levels are the highest in the fall due to all the sun exposure.

Obviously malabsorption continues to be a problem.

No news yet on the tube, still keeping my fingers crossed that I will get it soon.

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