Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My guardian angels are working overtime!

After I found out yesterday that the tube change in X was not going to happen, I was very disappointed and frustrated and consequently had a very hard time sleeping. It certainly did not help that with M being away for the night I had allowed all three cats to sleep with me in the bedroom, something we never do. Laura, my senior, was the only one who did not interrupt my sleep, but the other two did not contribute to a good night's sleep.

Still, as always, things happen for a reason. Here a recap of the past weeks events:
  • 23rd of Sep - my dietician and I opt to try j-tube-feeding - my gi doc does not want to try
  • 29th of Sep - my obgyn asks me why my tube is in my stomach and consequently encourages me to not give up on j-tube-feeding
  • 7th of Oct - my dietician convinced my GI to place a j-tube
  • 8th of Oct - the hunt for the very cool low-profile Kimberly Clark jejunal tube begins, as it is not being sold in Austria
  • 13th of Oct - a friend of mine tries to get me in for a tube change in X (another European country)
  • 15th of Oct - I receive the confirmation from Nutricia that they will be able to get a low-profile j-tube for me
  • 15th of Oct - my friend in X tells me the tube switch is a go
  • 16th of Oct - Cathi's Dad (an interventional radiologist) agrees to perform all my future j-tube changes
  • 18th of Oct - my friend in X tells me that the tube switch can't happen, as the gi they had asked to do it is not in the country, I would have to change my flights and stay until Friday, M would travel back home alone
And here it comes:
My very busy GI doc here in Austria has agreed to change the tube next Thursday. The tube we ordered is supposed to arrive this Thursday or Friday. M and I are off on our mini-honeymoon on Friday, back late Wednesday night, will have to tube delivered personally early Thursday morning (the 28th), then drive to Graz to check into the hospital.

All along I have kind off felt uneasy that I had planned the tube switch to happen in X and not with my own GI. I always felt that I might not be wise to get it done somewhere else, as I still need him as my GI.

Now all I need to happen is the tube to arrive on time here in Vienna.

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