Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A wonderful weekend

I really took a weekend off from the internet, from researching tube stuff, checking my e-mail account for possible replies regarding the tube stuff.

And it felt so good! I was able to relax, spend time with my family, spend time with M, do some shopping with a really good friend, and take much-needed mid-morning naps :-).

Turns out the our car is not damaged beyond repair, actually, according to the mechanic (now loosely related with me, so I guess I can trust him), it is still a really good car and just needs a bit of love and care (and some more repairs...). We therefore left it with my parents and it will be repaired in time for my parents to drive our car to my graduation ceremony next Monday.

Things have been more difficult with getting myself one of those fancy button j-tubes. I did finally find a place in the US where I can order it, will have to pay shipping, but hopefully no customs, as it is a medical product. Additionally, an opportunity has been opening up here in Europe, please keep your fingers crossed that this will work out, as this opportunity would actually mean having a j-button-tube-knowledgeable doc place the first tube. I hope to find out more over the next few days. We have also now determined that a j-button will be sufficient since I don't really need gastric decompression. This are a lot cheaper and therefore more justifiable to insurance. I will also be started on as needed zofran (finally)!

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