Thursday, November 4, 2010

Being a j-tube feeding dancing tubegirl

I have posted about this on inspire already, but nevertheless I wanted to post it here again too. At the moment I am feeding 16 hours a day. My 8 hours off the pump are spent working at the hospital as an (almost) incognito tubegirl. Almost, because I show up and leave hooked up to my pump and backpack.

On Tuesday, M and I had our weekly ballroom dancing class. I did not want to not hook up for those two hours, as I can't really afford to not tubefeed for two hours during my tubefeeding time at the moment. I therefore decided that I can dance and be hooked up at the same time.

Yes, the other couples did look at me and probably wondered what I was doing with a backpack on the dance floor. And yes, our ballroom dancing instructor (while using his microphone so everyone could hear him) looked at me and said "Today with a backpack?", but when I silently pointed to the tube sticking out from the backpack and going up my shirt, he quickly apologized.

And then we just had fun and danced and danced and danced!!! 

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