Monday, November 29, 2010

Deja vu

I have really managed to slow down last week. I decided to take a break from the internet, e-mail, and blogging, in an attempt to "de-stress" my life. Just go to work, come home and enjoy the evening with my husband, let my gut heal from the effects of the contrast dye, don't chase my replacement tube - just relax and feel better.

I went to see a TCM doctor on Thursday, trying to add an alternative therapy method to my treatment plan - actually, as I am writing, I am sipping my very bitter and disgusting tasting Chinese medicine :-). Thank god my insurance company covers 80 % of the doctor's visits - I still have to pay for the medicine though.

M and I spent the weekend at home at my parents' house, had a really good counseling session with our family therapist, and felt very relaxed and calm when we arrived back home in Vienna yesterday at lunch time.

And then I ate lunch and started feeling sick. At 4 PM I had to hook up to my formula and after tube feeding for a short while, I started burping my formula. So yes, after only 13 days my tube has migrated back into my stomach.

I hardly slept last night, not knowing what our next steps were going to be. I talked to my dietician this morning, and we talked about a straight PEJ-tube. Unfortunately, my GI doc is refusing to place another tube, as he can't keep me sedated (apparently with the doses of propofol he was using, he would actually need an anesthetist to watch me.

I then called Dr. T (my Interventional Radiologist). He knows that my replacement tube (a  Mic-key j tube without gastric access) is 80 cm long and can be shortened individually, compared to the Mic-key gj-tube that comes in a length of 45 cm (for adults). A sample of this tube has already been ordered for me, but, unfortunately I can't get it before Wednesday morning. I am therefore trying to get through on oral foods and g-feeds until Wednesday.

Dr. T. told me that he thinks he can place the tube without using contrast dye (he knows of my problems). I really hope he can. I have tickets to go see a musical Wednesday night, can't have diarrhea that night.

Please, keep your fingers crossed that all will go smoothly on Wednesday, and that I won't require contrast dye.

And that that tube finally stays down.

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