Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dislocated tube

I started burping my formula yesterday, feeling full, not being able to eat on top of my j-feeds. I tried not to put any thought into it. This morning I decided to check my stomach contents and was very disappointed to be able to syringe tube feeding formula out of my stomach.

I have just come home from a radiological placement check.
Unfortunately my tube has migrated back into my stomach, and is now pointing towards my esophagus. No wonder I'm burping my feeds.

When the radiologist proceeded to tell me that she would not be able to re-wire my current tube, I broke out into tears. I don't have a replacement tube yet, I don't even know how quickly I will be able to get one. She then called my friend's Dad (who has agreed to change my tubes fluoroscopically) and after talking to him, passed on the phone to me. He told me that they don't have the staff available to do it tonight, but he will come in early on Monday morning and will re-wire the tube.

36 more hours and I have my j-tube back!

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