Monday, November 1, 2010

Starting into a new part of my life

Tomorrow at 6 AM my alarm clock will ring, and I will get up into a new part of my life.

Tomorrow at 7.45 AM I will arrive at H, the hospital I will work at for the next six months.

Tomorrow at 8.00 AM I will sit in on the doctor's morning meeting, and I will hear, see, and breathe neurology....

I am really excited to start working tomorrow. I have worked there before, I know what will be expected of me, but this time I am not a student anymore, this time I will have more responsibilities. My boss doesn't know that I am a tube feeder. There was no need to tell him back in January, but this time it's different. My dietician and I are still aiming to have 8 hours off the pump and backpack, so I don't have to work hooked up. Still, I will have to let him know anyway, as I will probably come and go hooked up, and he will see me with my backpack and tubing. I just want to avoid stares and odd questions by telling him up front.

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