Monday, November 15, 2010

A Tube Girl's tube adventure

I arrived at the hospital bright and early this morning for my tube repositioning. Dr. T. and his assitants were very kind to me, but unfortunately it took a lot longer to reposition the tube than he expected before. He originally had said to me that it will only take 5-10 minutes.

Well, it took almost 90 minutes.

I was not sedated for the procedure. On the upside I was able to watch everything on the screen, on the downside I could feel them proding around in my stomach and intestines.
At points, it was quite uncomfortable. Dr. T. had the same problem as my GI-doc with his wire and catheter always looping in my stomach and those loops put lots of pressure on my stomach making me feel nauseous. It took them a while to figure out which wire to use in order to not have to deal with coiling.

Then they had a real problem getting the catheter and wire past my pylorus, as it was simply not opening up for them. They had me think of my favourite food, trying to trick it into opening. I thought off my favourite ice cream (not that I can still eat it).

Once the right wire and catheter were down in the jejunum the actual positioning of the tube only took a matter of minutes and did not hurt at all.

I felt very shaky afterwards, but still made my way over to yet another hospital, this time to work. My boss was very kind, asking me if I wanted to take the day off, but I told him I'd rather stay.

That's when the probably contrast induced diarrhea started :-(. So yes, I am back home now. Once I have finished this post I am planning on a nice long nap with a bean bag and a cat (my old feline Laura is the best "nurse kitty" one can imagine).


sweetpea said...

I wanted to ask what type of gatric tube you have pictured, that has no disk on the outside, but (it looks like) a clamp about 3 inches from the skin?

Thank you

sweetpea said...

I have a regular PEG tube, but have never seen the type in one of your photos...the one that has no disk on the outside, just the tube coming from a very nice looking stoma.

Tube Girl said...

I am not quite sure which photo you are referring to, as all my tubes have had some type of external retention disk. I am guessing though that you are familiar with the different button tubes I had, but the one tube that is unfamiliar to you is my latest set-up - the Freka PEG tube. This is a European tube with a small triangular silicone external retention disc and a clamp on the tubing.
I have had this tube both as gastric tube and now as jejunal tube and I am very happy with it.