Monday, December 27, 2010

Checked in already

I arrived bright and early at the hospital, am all checked in now, had an ultrasound of my abdomen, an ekg, blood taken, ran into my GI doc in the hallway and so he rounded on me there :-), then got a visit from the anasthesiologist, who totally cracked me up by the way - I love his humor - he asked me for example if I snored which of course I denied - then he said: "good, I don't like competition". :-))

Have a lovely older lady as a roommate, a former elementary school teacher, and I have been having really nice conversations. She is in for an upper and lower endoscopy, pour thing has to start drinking Golytely soon... - and I will dutifully stay away from our bathroom :-) so she can use it anytime.

I am in really good spirtis, everyone has been really kind to me, I saw the dietician too and have all my special food ordered for the next few days.

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