Thursday, December 9, 2010

Here we go - here we go again....

That's right.
As of yesterday afternoon, my tube is back up in my stomach again. And I feel sick and nauseated - no wonder when you think that about 60 cm of an 18 FR tube are coiled up in my stomach.

This time they placed a longer tube thinking that this would make it stay down. To no avail, this time the tube retroflexed after only 6 days. I didn't even bother calling Dr. T (my interventional radiologist) - there is no sense in him putting the tube down again. I did talk to my dietician, and she is trying to organize a PEJ placement. She is actually on vacation this week, but will help me nevertheless.

I have also asked her if I can pull the gj-tube out tonight and replace it with a regular g-button. It's not like I will be needing it for another re-wiring.... and I really want to get rid of the long tubing in my stomach.

Please, keep your fingers crossed for me (and maybe say a few prayers) that my GI doc will agree to place a PEJ-tube and that he will have time before christmas!

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