Sunday, December 12, 2010

If anyone has time to send some good thoughts ...

My dietician e-mailed my GI doc early Friday morning, and so far we have not heard from him yet, and usually he does get back to e-mails quite quickly.

I was thinking of writing him an e-mail to with some more details in regards to my current situation and also what j-tube feeding meant for me - an increase in quality of life. I also wanted to let him know that my ob-gyn is very hesitant in letting me get pregnant without a jejunal access of some sort.

After mulling it over all day, I finally wrote the e-mail tonight and sent it to him, basically asking him to help me get a more permanent, more secure jejunal access and therefore help me to have a better quality of life.

Please send some thoughts, say a few prayers that he will respond positively to it.

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