Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

In Austria we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. Therefore M and I drove home to Linz yesterday to celebrate with my parents and my grandparents.

This is our christmas tradition:
We first have dinner together, usually Fondue, but yesterday M and I brought our electric terriyaki barbecue grill. After dinner, we darken the room, light the candles on the christmas tree (yes, we always have a "real" tree with "real" candles). My Mum plays the guitar and we sing christmas songs. "Silent night" (which is by the way originally from Austria) is always the first song we sing. After a few songs my Grandfather always reads a christmas story, followed by more songs. M and my Stepdad are not very big on singing, but my Mum, Grandma, and Grandad certainly make up for it. Afterwards one of us sits down by the tree (that's usually me) and passes out the presents, and we each take turns opening our presents, so that we can all enjoy that person's surprise and gratefulness for the present.

We had a very lovely evening, and I was finally able to play around with my new Kindle. M ordered it from the US for me and it arrived at the beginning of december. I am very proud to say that I did not touch the parcel for the past three weeks, even though I would have loved to rip it open the moment it got delivered!

Something really funny happened though. I had asked my Mum for an gift card for buying books for my Kindle. I got a $ 30 gift card from her. All excited I got onto my Stepdad's computer and by accident credited the gift card to his account :-(. Now, we are waiting for amazon customer service to get back to us if the $ 30 can be transferred to my account.

Today we visited my Dad and his family (about an hour drive away), and had a really lovely time there - played Barbie and Lego with my little sister :-) and read her a book.

By the way - just got an e-mail from amazon's customer service - they unredeemed the gift card, and I was able to put it into my account. Now, I just have to know which books to get on my Kindle. I definitely need some good reading material for going into hospital on Monday.

I hope everyone is having a lovely christmas!

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