Thursday, December 2, 2010

Neuro rehab

I work at a neurology department covering two neurology wards and the neurology outpatient clinic. I mostly deal with neuro psych testing, but I also take care of rehab patients. For the past four weeks I was in charge of Mr. F's neuro rehab, a 72 year old patient post-stroke. When he first started seeing me, he had a really low attention span, difficulty naming objects, virtually no memory for names, short and long term memory problems, and a visual field defect.

Mr. F. has been the model rehab patient, very optimistic and motivated in his neuro rehab sessions. Today I had my final session with him, as he is being discharged tomorrow. Now, after four weeks he still has memory deficits, but he has made so much progress!

He was so sweet when he thanked me today for helping him get to the place where he is now, I almost got a bit teary.

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