Friday, December 3, 2010

Sick :-(

Well, the tube is in. It took almost an hour again to get it placed, as Dr. T. didn't have the right wire and catheter available, but he told me today that he will order some special wires and catheters for me to be able to place the tube more smoothly in the future.

He was kind enough to stay on after being on night shift to replace my tube. I am very grateful for having him on my team. All in all it took until 11.30, by that time I had only had a few sips of water and was feeling very shaky. It didn't help that what I thought yesterday was only a minor cold has grown into a really, really bad cold. And since Dr. T. did have to use contrast dye again (but only very, very little), I decided not to go to work (for only two hours anyway), but instead get myself on the couch with a couple cats (or more) and a bean bag.

Austria is experiencing a lot of snow right now, and I would have loved to take a romantic walk in the snow with M on the weekend, but I will have to stay in bed instead, trying to get healthy enough to go back to work on Monday. There is one positive thing to it though, M will do the weekly shopping and cleaning :-).

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