Saturday, December 18, 2010

Still no news

My GI doc did not get back to us by Friday. I did not want to bug my dietician again and decided to not call/e-mail her until Monday. She ended up calling me Friday afternoon anyway, and we talked for quite a while. She is a bit confused why my GI doc did not at least write us if he was going to do something about my situation. She wants to give him until Monday, if he doesn't e-mail either of us, she will call him. We definitely need a response, otherwise she will try to find me a different GI doc to put in a PEJ.

I am getting really exhausted and tired from not getting in enough calories. It's not like I can rest and conserve my energy, I still have to work a 40-hour-job. To top it off, I am the only psychologist on staff at the neurology ward for the next three weeks. I really need my energy. That's why I am resting this weekend. In fact, once I have completed this post I will cuddle up with a cat or two - and M of course - on our couch and watch a movie.

I am so looking forward to being able to post good news and don't have to keep on whining about the same stuff over and over. It's been 9 days of waiting to find out what the plan is and when I will be able to go back to j-tube-feeding and it has really started to affect my mood.

Still, I try to not let it affect me when I am working, as it wouldn't be fair to my patients if I couldn't give them the attention that they need.

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