Sunday, January 9, 2011

Being a full-time working full-time tube feeder

Tomorrow is my first day of work as full-time tube feeder. I have got my CamelBak waistpack all set and ready to go and tried it out in my clinical psychology class the past two days - works perfectly, and I feel a lot more independent than with my backpack. With the backpack, when I was sitting down, I always had to pick it up and put in on my back when getting up. With the waistpack I just get up like everyone else :-).

My boss was on christmas vacation for the past three weeks and so I have not been able to tell him yet what has been going on. At first I thought I should inform him right away that unfortunately I now have to feed at work too. But now I have decided to not make a big deal out of it at all. I will keep my waistpack on, put my white coat on, make sure that none of the tubing shows, and go down to participate in morning rounds just like I did before. If I had i.e. broken my leg during christmas and returned to work using crutches, I wouldn't try to apologize for having to use crutches at work either. I have on idea why I keep thinking that I have to apologize for being a tube feeder.

Yes, doctors, nurses, and patients might look and ask questions, but there is nothing I have to be ashamed of.

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