Thursday, January 13, 2011


Today I got to do something really exciting at work.
Maybe some you might not think of it as exciting, but rather gross.

Every Thursday afternoon our chief of neurology, who also is a neuropathologist, does brain autopsies. Today I got to participate together with my boss and watch him dissect brains. Yes, it was a bit gross at first, but interesting nevertheless.

The second brain he dissected was of a woman who died following a massive stroke. I have only ever seen strokes on CT and MRI scans, it was so amazing to see the damage done in a "real brain".

Unfortunately I had not calculated my formula correctly and my food ran out in the middle of the autopsy. Of course I did not bring a syringe for flushing my tube, so we had to leave early. (I have a 9 FR J-tube so flushing is really, really important to keep it open.)

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