Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A good talk with my boss

I am coming to a point in my internship when it's time to start applying for the second round. Unfortunately, the hospitals here in Vienna have a regulation where you can only do a maximum of 6 months of internship. Then I would have to wait for three months before I could do the last three months that I need. This applies to almost all of the hospitals in Vienna.

Obviously, I can't afford to not work for three months, and now I have to either find an internship in a non-hospital setting or a in a hospital around Vienna.

I have been so worried about it, knowing that I do have to explain that I am a tube feeder not knowing how they will react to it.

So, I talked to my boss today about it. I wanted to have his intake as a boss and as my boss on my situation. I love being a psychologist so much that I worry that my gastroparesis and tube feeding will cause someone to not hire me.
He was so kind! He reminded me that being a tube feeder has nothing to do with my qualities as a psychologist. It does not hinder me in my work at all, and he doesn't even notice my waist pack anymore. He is amazed at the positivity and optimism that I display and how well I deal with everything that is going on.

So I guess it's just me who sometimes thinks that being a tube feeding psychologist means that I am worth less than any other psychologist.

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