Monday, January 10, 2011

I did it!

I had a great day at work!

All I did was casually mentioning to my boss that I was put on 24-hour-feeds, but I did not say anymore about my waistpack etc. It was a bit embarassing as I wasn't as careful with the arranging of the bag and pump inside the pack and had a few occlusion alarms as a result due to kinking my tubing. It happened during morning rounds and several times while talking with my boss. But then I got it all figured out, rearranged the bag and pump and had no more problems afterwards.

None of the doctors or nurses commented on it, they most likely didn't even notice it :-).

I am beat tonight :-). I am still not up to my full amount of tube feeding formula, and working all day and then rushing off to the hairdressers :-) really exhausted me. Planning on a nice warm bath and then off to bed with my Kindle to read.

There is only one down-thing to today. We were informed during morning rounds that we have a noro-virus outbreak on the left ward (we are the psychologists for two wards - the "left" and the "right"). My boss looked at me and told me to stay away from the left ward, as he knows that catching a virus like this could be detrimental to my health.

Later on we (us three psychologists) all decided that we will not treat and examine patients from the left ward until the noro-virus outbreak has cleared. I will be doing lots of handwashing in the next few days...

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