Sunday, January 2, 2011

Kudos to Amazon customer service!

I have only been posting about my tube troubles lately, but to top it off I kind of had a touch of bad luck over the past few weeks. Apparently mercury was in retrograde - not that I really believe this astro stuff, but apparently all the things that have been going wrong are very typical for mercury in retrograde :-).

Let me tell you about all my non-tube related "misfortunes":
  • 15th of December - I broke off a part of a dental inlay - estimated costs € 380
  • 18th of December - I lost my Ipod nano (I must have dropped it outside our car and someone took it) - that really hurt - I love my Ipod for all the train rides I take to and from work - if I want a new one - I'll have to pay € 160
  • 22th of December - I lost my brandnew starbucks thermo mug :-(
And to top it off:
  • yesterday: I wanted to read my book on my Kindle in bed last night, switched it on, and the screen broke.... I honestly couldn't believe it - my brandnew Kindle!!!! broken !!!!
I sent an e-mail to amazon's customer service center, got a reply this morning when I got up with the invitation to phone them for further help. A phone call to a really nice customer service agent later, and my Kindle replacement is on its way, estimated date of delivery - Jan 5th to 7th - all the way to Austria in only 3-5 days. I have to send mine back, but they will even refund me for the postal charges :-).

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