Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday update

I started to feel really sick Sunday morning, couldn't eat orally anything at all anymore and had a hard time keeping myself hydrated. Started to take Zofran ODT every four hours too to keep the nausea at bay. I really wanted to go to next emergency room and have someone just pull the j-line out, so I can finally feel a bit better. But my family (including M) thought that I needed to wait it out and have my GI doc see for himself how badly the tube is placed now.

Come Monday morning, and I was feeling very dehydrated and shaky. M took me to my family physician's office who hooked me up to some IV fluids. I texted my GI doc if he could admit me today. By the time the first 500 ml were in, my GI doc had texted back that a bed was waiting for me and I could come right in.

I am getting IV zofran and fluids and am counting down the hours to tomorrow morning when he can (hopefully) fix the tube situation.

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