Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More photos of my feeding tube CamelBak waistpack

I took some more photos of my CamelBak waistpack turned tube feeding waistpack:

 This is my feeding bag.

I then put the bag into the back pocket of the CamelBak waistpack.
Inside the pack I have to fold my bag over like this (I have a 1500 ml bag).

I then add my pump to the front part of the pouch.
Arranging the tubing.

The CamelBak has two openings - one of the left one of the right - where the tubing can be put through.

Connecting to my feeding tube.

 Ready to go.

My pump is a European model - a Fresenius Kabi Applix Vision. Comparing my bags to the (new) Zevex bags - I would think that this set-up would work for the Infinity pump as well. The new bags have an anti-roll flange flap on the bottom - the same that I have in my bags.

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Anonymous said...

hiya, hope you don't mind me asking, but will the camelback hold a litre of feed? I know you have a large feed bag but Im not sure how much feed you have in it.

Im looking for an alternative to my (very bulky and uncomfortable) rucksack. I struggle with bags and rucksacks as I have a severe scoliosis, so a bumbag (english lol) is a super idea.

My feed comes in a pre packed 'bag' of 1 litre, so Im just wondering if it will fit :)


Lynda :)