Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I spent the day on the couch recouperating and the cats took turns to cuddle with me. M lovingly took care of me - this is definitely a benefit to him having home office.

I have four days of classes coming up for my clinical psychology program. M originally didn't want me to go, but after some pleading and a lot of promises on my side that I'd call him if I felt sick and that I'd lie down immediately after coming home, he agreed to let me participate. Of course I know that staying on the couch would be better for me, but I have to take those classes in order to get my degree.

I have been doing really well on my clear liquid diet. I am still trying to have "meals" at mealtime - tea for breakfast, chicken broth for lunch and dinner etc. and that makes me feel like I am still eating like everyone else. I have been hooked up non-stop since yesterday 11 AM, and so far no reflux of formula into my stomach.

I actually feel really relieved to be on clear liquids right now. I always try so hard to push oral foods, partially because I want to show everyone that I am trying really hard to eat and that this has nothing to do with me having been anorexic years ago. Not having to eat right now actually takes a lot of stress out of the situation and I have been nausea free since yesterday. M oversees the increasal of my flow rate, as I tend to be ambitious and tend to want too much too fast. Therefore, I am still at 50 ml/h until probably Friday. (Unless I can convince him otherwise :-).)

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