Sunday, January 23, 2011


Yesterday morning when I got up I decided I wanted to do something special with M this weekend. For months I spent my weekends sleeping and resting in order to be able to go to work during the week. I am still tired, but I am starting to have a bit more energy.

I wanted to do something special, but nothing that would exhaust me, and I had a brilliant idea.

I got down our beach towels and bathing suits, packed our bag and off we went to Vienna's very own hot springs. The "Therme Vienna" has just been renovated and we had heard that it was supposed to be really beautiful.

I brought my waistpack with my pump and food and only hooked off for being in the water. There is one pool that was really cool. It was outside, so we had to run through the cold (in our bathing suits and barefoot) to get to it. The pool itself was heated to a really nice temperature. Its water had a really high salt content enabling us to float on our backs and there was underwater music that you could listen to (if your ears were in the water). It was so relaxing!!!!

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