Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Today I am tired. Ever since our trip to the spa I have been fighting off a cold. In hindsight it would have been better if I had blow-dried my hair before driving home. I am not sick yet, but it is lingering with a runny nose, headaches, and fatigue.

I actually went home from work an hour early, as my headache was so bad that I was starting to feel nauseous. Now I am kind of waiting around until it's a decent time to finally go to bed.

Yesterday I met with one of my friends for some tea after work, and she commented on how much weight I had lost. She said one can really tell by looking at my face and arms. Obviously, I have seen it myself that I have lost weight, but I don't own scales and with working full-time I had no time to see my dietician to get weighed. With all my GI problems it was to be expected, but it makes me really sad that I lost a big part of the weight that I worked so hard to gain in the past two years. With my malabsorption problems I am not an easy gainer at all, and it takes quite some time and lots of calories to gain weight for me.

My dietician always says that we don't really need scales to track our weight and that clothes are a really good marker to use. So I got out a pair of pants that I bought last summer when I was at my highest weight to be able to better assess my weight loss.
This is the result:

It makes me so sad to see this for several reasons. First, I really loved my more curvy self. Second, I had way more energy and I was able to go running several times a week (I have not gone running in four months), and third, M and I want to try getting pregnant this year, and my OBGYN told me that the TTC (time to conceive) is a lot less if I have a BMI above 20, and also women below a BMI of 20 need to gain so much more weight during pregnancy.
Logically, I also know that I can't pregnant as long as I am not physically stable and have shown that I can get my rate up high enough to gain weight.

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