Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What a day

I was taken down to endoscopy around 9.30. Talked briefly to my GI doc there before he sedated me. The next thing I hear was him telling me that the tube is positioned perfectly and that he will come by shortly to talk to me.

When he walked into my room, I apoligized to him for making such a big fuss, but since I had formula in my stomach I honestly thought that my tube must have migrated back up again (like it did before). He was very kind and explained to me that I have severe motility issues - not only in my stomach, but also in my small intestines as well, and anytime I tried my flow rate up to 80 ml/h it started backing up into my stomach. My GP just added to the pain and nausea.

We also talked about the possibility of him trying a straight PEJ again at some point, but honestly, for now, there is not even a point in having a button-type PEJ, as I have been put on 24 h tube feeds.

So yes, I am now on a clear liquid diet with 24 h tube feeds. At the moment I am on 50 ml/h, and I am tolerating that well. I am to increase my flow rate very, very slowly.

I got released from the hospital yesterday afternoon, and I am now recouperating at home on my couch with the cats curled up around me. I am supposed to be in class from Thursday to Sunday from my clinical psychology program, and I can't really miss it, but if M takes me there and picks me up, I think I can still do it. After all, I will only be sitting around all day.

I am a bit nervous about the prospect of returning to work this time as a full-time tube feeder, but if I want to get and feel better, this is what I have to do.

I am obviously elated that my tube is staying down, however, I am a sad to realize that I not only have gastric but also intestinal dysmotility.

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