Sunday, February 20, 2011

Back to running

Six months ago I stopped running, knowing very well that as long as I am not able to eat/feed an adequate amount of calories I can't lose calories through exercise. Not that I would have had the energy to go running anyway.

Last summer, I had already decided that I wanted to run the "DM Women's run" this year - DM is the equivalent of "London drugs" here in Austria. Every year they host a 5K and 10K run. I originally wanted to train with my girlfriend Iris, but she decided to bail out on me and get pregnant :-).

Went and checked out their website yesterday - this year's run is on May 22nd. They have free weekly training groups with a certified instructor all over Vienna starting March 2nd, and I have decided to join one. I am so excited!!!!

Today, I went for my very first run in 6 months and even though I walked more than I actually ran and it was freezing outside (just above 0° C), I really enjoyed myself!

My Nike backpack fits my bag and pump perfectly...

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