Thursday, February 24, 2011

Good news need to be passed on as well

Both my GI doc and my dietician have given me the permission to e-mail them whenever I need to, and my GI doc has even told me that I can text him anytime if something is up with my tube - even on weekends, if he is not at the hospital, he will tell a staff doctor what to do (he is the head of internal medicine). I am a firm believer that professionals who are that committed to their patients should not only be contacted in case of things going wrong or emergencies - no, good news need to be passed on as well.

That's why after going for my first run in six months on Sunday I sent an e-mail including the photo I posted here to my dietician and GI doc thanking them for fighting for me and helping me so much that I now feel good enough to go running again.

My dietician left me a message on my cell phone telling me that she wanted to personally (well over the phone rather than mail) thank me for the mail and the photo I sent. My GI doc mailed back later too thanking for passing on the good news, telling me that I am actually his first PEG/J patient that goes running, and enquiring if he could use the photo for lectures :-).

I love being able to give them good news after so many months of things not going so well.

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