Thursday, February 17, 2011

On my way to becoming a neuropsychologist

I had some really good news today at work! I am currently (until end of April) interning for my clinical psychology postgrad degree (which I have to get first, before doing my neuropsych degree), but because I am working in a type A department (type A = certified neuropsychologist as my supervisor), I will be able to get this internship credited towards my neuropsych degree as well. Unfortunately I can only do a max. of 6 months at my current workplace (as an offical clinical psych intern) due to legal regulations. In order to complete my internship for my clinical psychology degree I need to work another 3 months full-time in a different hospital. Well, I have already lined up a second internship beginning at the end of August and because this is a type A department as well I can get those three months credited towards my neuropsych degree too.
By the end of the year I would be done with my clinical psych internship but I would still be missing three months for the neuropsych degree (and of course I still need the required classes).
Today my boss told me that he had finally talked to Human Ressources, and I can stay on until the beginning of August as a neuropsych intern. The only downside is that I won't get anything paid, but I am only earning 340 Euros a month there anyway, so it's not going to be that much different.

I am so excited!!!!

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