Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Skinnier than you?

Today, I chatted with the psychology student who is currently shadowing me, and we talked about my sister in law, who is celebrating her 20iest birthday today and who I was just about to call and wish a happy birthday. I told her that I think that M's sister is a bit too skinny in my opinion.

My student looked at me and asked "even skinnier than you?"

Gulp. I had totally overlooked the fact that that's what people can actually say about me now - that I am a bit on the too skinny side...  Since I am not actively trying to be that skinny - on the opposite doing my best and raising my feeding volume and rate continuously to get back to my more feminine self, I have totally forgotten that that's what other people see when they look at me right now :-(.

I know - patience and consistency - if I am patient and consistent when it comes to raising my tube feeding rate, I will gain weight and I will look more feminine again!

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