Monday, February 28, 2011

Still sick

M made me change from the living room to our bedroom at 7 PM to try to get some sleep. However, I was hurting so much from the high fever that I tossed and turn for hours without being able to sleep. I know you are not supposed to lower your temperature, as it is your body's way of fighting off the viruses and bacteria. By 9 PM I could not take it any longer. I took the strongest analgetic and antipyretic I had at home - luckily it comes as liquid, as I absorb liquids better.

It really brought my fever and the achyness down, and I was finally able to fall asleep. Aaliyah, my youngest cat, slept almost the entire night right beside my head on my pillow case, purring occasionally...

I got up fever-free, feeling relatively well compared to yesterday, when the coughing started. Yesterday, all I had was a dry non-productive cough, today everytime I start coughing I start choking up... I decided that maybe I should see my family physician after all, at first thinking I would take the subway, as M can't drive me. A few coughing fits later I decided that there is no way I can't walk in the cold and take the subway.

I have a really hard time though asking my familiy physician for a home visit. Am I sick enough to justify her coming out to my apartment? Of course in the back of my head I have this nagging voice telling me that I am not sick enough, but I shut out that voice, decided to call her and leave a message with her assistant and let her decide if she needs to see me - now I have been waiting for a call back for almost 4 hours. It doesn't really help that today is her first day back after a week's vacation. In the meanwhile my temperature is up to 101.7 again.

I never ever get a fever that's why I think it's so important for me to be seen - the last time I had a fever was 8 years ago when I had sinusitis and needed to take antibiotics. I am a bit worried that I either have the real flu or something bacterial going on....

I slept with my upper body raised last night, still gastric juices and any water I tried to attempt to drink, kept coming up. I am still able to feed at my regular rate for now, which is good and will certainly keep me from losing weight due to the fever. I try to flush my tube every couple hours with 30 ml of water to get some more free liquids into me, as I am having a really hard time drinking orally.

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