Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tube drama

Besides the fact that I had a planned to pay a visit to my family physician for my UTI, the Y connector on my tube broke in the middle of the night.

Imagine my surprise waking up to this:

 Yup. That's my j-tube not being connected to the PEG anymore.

M and I taped it, so I wouldn't pull it out even further and we had to wrap it up in plastic bags, as it was leaking everywhere, and I still had to go to work before getting it fixed.

I sent my GI doc an e-mail at 6.24 AM asking if I could swing by for a quick repair, I got a reply by 6.36 :-) - so grateful for this new GI doc and his commitment to my care.

Got it fixed in the early afternoon, and he also shortened the PEG - now my dangly tube is not as long anymore :-).

In the late afternoon M and I went shopping downtown. After just finding out I had to take antibiotics again, I decided I needed to treat myself to something nice. M bought me another waistbag that I can use for tube feeding (I am owning quite the collection already. Since I am tubefeeding all day it's nice to have a choice what waistbag to "wear" :-). And I treated myself to a MAC mascara (very, very black - really suits me).

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Jennifer said...

Any day now you should have a cute pink one arriving in the mail as well!!!!