Friday, February 11, 2011

UTI - round two

I can't believe it.
Or I actually I have tried to ignore it.

Two weeks ago from today, I started taking antibiotics for my first UTI ever. I got really sick on the antibiotics and some other meds I had to take. I stopped taking the antibiotics last Wednesday. By Wednesday this week I was symptomatic again, but I thought that maybe I was just being a hypochondriac about it.

I talked with my girlfriend last night and said to her: "You know, I think I have a UTI again, but I am not sure. There is no blood in my urin, but I do have pain when I am peeing." My very sweet girlfriend replied: "Julia, peeing is not supposed to be painful, it's something you shouldn't even be thinking about."

I guess she ist right.
So today I went to see my family physician again and sure enough I have another UTI. She is starting me on Cipro, twice daily 500 mg, which is considered high dose for a UTI, but she wants me to be high dose with my malabsorption issues. She also told me that the Triprem she gave me last time around was high dose too. She also wants to do a urine culture to test for sensitivities on Monday.

Please keep your fingers crossed that the antibiotics work, and that I won't get too sick on them and will still be able to work.

I also had some tube drama last night, but that's a story for tomorrow :-).

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