Monday, February 28, 2011

Yep, it's the flu

My family physician has just been by - my lungs are clear, I seem to have the "real flu" combined with a beginning sinusitis.

The positive in all of this is that for the past 20 years my body never was strong enough to produce a fever - I have only had a fever twice all this time, usually remaining hypothermic. My family physician thinks it's a really good sign that my immune system and body are finally strong enough (and really getting nutrition) to produce a high fever. So no matter how awful I feel, I am actually happy that I am so healthy (kind of sounds funny with me actually being so sick right now).

She wanted to give me dihydrocodeine for my severe cough, but when I reminded her about its side effects on peristalsis, she decided it was better I stay away.

I am supposed to not treat the fever, but am allowed to take one dose of a strong antipyretic and analgesic at night before going to sleep. M is to get himself a flu mask for protection (he works from home), and I am supposed to stay in our bedroom as opposed to changing to the living room in the morning.

Anyway, my head is spinning - I am off!

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