Friday, March 18, 2011

2500 kcal!!!

I am a high calorie girl, malabsorption of course doesn't help the issue.
And even though I am underweight and have low muscle mass, I need a good amount of calories to maintain and even more to gain weight.

When I started j-tube feeding I was having about 1000 kcal a day because I could only tolerate a low rate without refluxing the formula back into my stomach.

One of my mottos for the past two years (that M keeps having me repeat over and over, so I won't forget it) has been: patience and consistency. So with patience and consistency I have been able to bring my feeding rate up to 115 ml/h during the day and 100 ml/h during the night. This is my second day that I have been doing the 115 ml/h and so far it is working well. I have tried 115 a couple times last weekend and always had to turn it back down due to some bowel problems, but I hope it will keep working this time around.

2500 kcal has been my big goal for quite some time, I still might need more to gain weight, but for now I am happy that I have reached that, and I will be able to stay there for a bit before having to advance my rate again.

M promised me a new pair of shoes as a reward :-). (I very much believe in rewarding oneself for reaching goals and so does he :-)).

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