Thursday, March 31, 2011


I am highly allergic to most pollen starting with hazel depending on the weather in January or February and ending with ragweed in October.

This year, due to a very long winter, I have had no problems until March. But then it started and my allergies reared their ugly head. I have never had that many problems with my eyes being affected, but for some reason this year my eyes have decided to join the fun. Starting March 8th my eyes turned into a teary, swollen, red mess (while being on oral antihistamines). I then started my antihistamine nasal spray and eye drops, but my eyes got worse. People at work were starting to comment and was feeling more and more uncomfortable. Went to see my family physician again, got steroid eye drops - worked like a charm. Stopped the eye drops (aren't supposed to be taken too long). Eyes were moderatly red for five days and than bang the next flare-up. Went to see my allergy doc on Monday, he prescribed oral steroids (5mg for one day, 2.5 mg for the next) - this was supposed to get me out of the flare and keep me flare-free for at least two weeks, then I might have to take another two-day-course. I tried explaining to him that I don't absorb oral meds very well, but he didn't really listen.
Of course it didn't get me out of the flare and my eyes became even worse. Of course I have symptoms with my nose too, but after adding my steroid nasal spray at least those very manageable. (Although I lot worse than last year.)
So, went to see my family physician again (it's very difficult to get into my allergy doc's at short notice).
She recommend a steroid depot injection. I know that my allergy doc is very opposed to those, but I have been feeling so bad in the past few weeks that I agreed to take it, even though I hate to take steroids - especially due to the potential side effects. Got 40 mg of triamcolone, and of course, once I was home my head was running hay wire with thoughts about all the side effects - especially the possibility of water retention - I was so happy to finally have lost all my water weight from protein malabsorption.
I know it probably was the right decision, I couldn't have continued like this, but still I kind of regret that I agreed.

My eyes are feeling a lot better, but I am still reacting (even though I am still on all my other allergy meds). Went for a walk with a friend and her dog today, she was amazed how much my allergies were acting up (even to the point of not being able to stop scratching due to being sooo itchy all over).

I am now off to the bath tub, trying to get rid of some of the pollen and maybe reduce the itchyness.

Oh and yes, I woke up with a sore throat this morning and since everyone around me has been sick in the past two weeks, it is totally possible that I am getting a cold on top of my allergies.

Lovely. Thank god I just bought a family size pack of tissues.

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