Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Graduating" another rehab patient

We only offer early rehab at my hospital, getting the patients ready to either go straight home or leave for more treatment at a rehab facility.

Yesterday one of my rehab patients that I have trained with daily for the past four weeks left for an inpatient stay at a more specialized rehab facility.

Last week I repeated all the neuropsych testing I had done for evaluation before starting neurorehab with him. My patients progress, even though often visible in our daily training sessions, is not always measurable in our neuropsych tests. You should have seen my delight when I looked at Mr. K's test results from last week. He has shown a real improvement in all training areas!!!

I met with Mr. K and his wife on Friday to discuss results and to "wrap" things up :-). It really touched me to see and hear :-) their gratefulness.

I really hope he continues to make such great strides forward in recovering from his massive stroke!

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